The Standard Paver design is a great choice for projections on different sizes and complexity. The size variation allows for different combination patterns.  We also carry Tumbled Pavers available upon request. The possibilities are endless! TownScape Paver offers a flatter clean top with a mitered edge and is sold in a 3pc combo on the pallet. All pavers have a variety of uses such as patio's walkways, pool areas and sitting areas.
Aztec Stone provides a paver with a more natural stone look and is sold in a 3pc combo. (11x16.5" -11x11"- 5.5x11")
Townscape Pavers for a neat flat stone look is sold in a 3pc combo  (6x9" - 6x6" - 3x6")

Standard Paver

Colors Available:
Native, Slate, Tierra Norte

Sizes Available:
6x6, 6x9, 9x9 (upon request 3x6 )


Colors Available:
Native, Slate, Tierra Norte, Gray

3pc Combo Set - 6x9, 6x6, 3x6

Fire Kit Pits

Circle Kits (60"/ Pit 36") (2200lbs)
Square Fire Pit (48"x48"/ pit 32x32") (1350lbs)
Call for Availability

Aztec Paver

Colors Available:
Native, Tierra Norte, and Slate (Gray)

All prices subject to change.